March 10, 2013

March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Thank goodness all of this snow is melting!  I've had enough of it - bring on the warm weather!

Events of the Past Week

Monday - On Monday, we took our second quiz on genetics.  The students did very well on the quiz.  I was very proud of them, and you should be, too!  Those students who finished early worked on solving "The Case of the Hooded Murderer."  They had to use their knowledge of pedigrees as well as their reading skills to solve the case.  Most students solved it pretty quickly.

Tuesday - SNOW DAY!

Wednesday - The students were introduced to genes being linked together on the same chromosome after we reviewed the results of their quiz.  While this is a challenging concept, most students understood how it worked by the end of class.  Homework was to complete problem set 5 involving linked genes.

Thursday - After collecting problem set 5, I introduced the students to a statistical analysis tool called Chi-Square.  This tool is used to determine whether or not the differences between your theoretical expected results in an experiment and the actual results of the experiment can be attributed to random chance, or if the experimenter made a mistake in their hypothesis or experimental methods.  Homework was to complete 5 problems that asked the students to evaluate some data using the Chi-Square statistical analysis tool.

Friday - After answering questions about the homework, I gave the students time to work on their Drosophila melanogaster reports.  They were all able to correctly identify the pattern of inheritance for the mutations in their flies, and many began the process of writing their report.  Homework for the weekend was to work on the report and/or start preparing for our genetics test, which has been pushed back due to the snow day on Tuesday.

Upcoming Events

Monday - The students will be introduced to nondisjunction and some genetic diseases related to chromosomal abnormalities on Monday.  Due to the snow day, we did not learn about them last week.  If there is any time left in class, then the students will be given some time to work on their reports.  I will also hand out some review problems for anyone who wants them to help prepare for the genetics test.

Tuesday - Students will be given the choice on Tuesday as to whether they want to work on review problems to prepare them for the genetics test that will take place on Thursday and Friday, or if they want to work on their D. melanogaster reports, which are due on Friday.  Homework will be to prepare for the test.  Tuesday is a late start day, which is why we are not testing on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  There would not be enough time in the class period to test due to the late start time.

Wednesday - Day 1 of the genetics test.  Anyone who finishes early may work on their D. melanogaster reports.

Thursday - Day 2 of the genetics test.  Anyone who finishes early may work on their D. melanogaster reports.

Friday - The D. melanogaster reports will be collected.  The students will then work on test corrections for their genetics test.  With any remaining time, the students will complete a Geologic History worksheet that will be for homework if it is not completed in class.

Graba Geek of the Week

This week's Geek of the Week is Alex Johnson, who has earned a perfect score on our last 3 genetics problem sets, and done very well on both of our genetics quizzes so far this unit.  Way to go, Alex! Keep up the good work!

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