May 7, 2012

May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012

Plans changed a bit last week, as I had to miss school on Monday to be home with my son, who was sick.  The quiz that was originally scheduled for Friday will now be on Wednesday of this week.

Events of the Past Week

Monday - We watched the classic bio movie Hemo the Magnificent, about the parts of the circulatory system and how the circulatory system does its work.  The movie does a very good job with the anatomy of the circulatory system and the role of the circulatory system, in my opinion.

Tuesday - This was a late start day, so our time was shortened.  As a result, we spent the time reviewing the homework that had been due on Monday, and then we labeled a diagram of the human digestive system.  Finally, I passed out the first pig dissection lab to the students to read for homework.

Wednesday - Wednesday was our first day of dissection.  There were some students that I kept a close eye on throughout the dissection because I was worried they might not make it through, but everyone came through with flying colors, and many students genuinely enjoyed the learning experience (although there were definitely a few who were more than a little squeamish about it).

Thursday - We finished the dissection of the digestive organs of the abdominal cavity on Thursday.  Everyone found all of the organs they were supposed to, and most groups were able to point out to me each of the organs I asked them to without much trouble.  Homework was to finish the questions in the dissection lab.

Friday - I collected the pig dissection labs, and then we began a digestive system project.  The students color-coded and cut out drawings of each of the organs of the digestive system, and then did the same with labels for each of the organs of the digestive system.  The organs were then glued down in the proper locations, and the labels attached to the proper locations.  Finally, the nutrients that are chemically digested in each organ were cut out and placed by the appropriate organ, as well.  Homework was to complete the questions in the packet that went along with the project.

Upcoming Events

Monday - I will be collecting the questions from the project on Monday, and then we will be going through together the functions of all of the organs of the digestive system. 

Tuesday - We will be reviewing for a quiz on the digestive system on Tuesday.  Homework will be to study for the quiz, which is Wednesday.

Wednesday - There will be a 20 question multiple choice quiz.  At the end of the quiz, there will be five fill in the blank questions where I will have a PowerPoint slide with a picture of a dissected pig, and the students will be asked questions about different organs that can be seen in the pig.  There will be 5 questions on this part of the quiz, which is intended to help prepare them for the test at the end of the unit as well as assess their current knowledge of the anatomy of the pig.

Thursday - After reviewing the results of the quiz, we will be dissecting the circulatory system of the pig.  Homework will be to finish the questions in the circulatory system dissection lab packet.

Friday - We will finish our dissection of the pig by looking at the respiratory and urinary systems.  All of the systems we look at in the pig will be on a lab practical at the end of the unit.  The students will be asked to identify different organs and their functions by looking at the pigs, which will have pins in different organs with questions associated with the pins.  Homework will be to finish the questions in the respiratory and urinary system lab packet.

Graba Geek of the Week

This week's Graba Geek of the Week is Eli Pagones, who did a great job with his dissections this week and made me proud.  Way to go, Eli!

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