March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012

What a beautiful Sunday!  Let's hope this good weather continues for a long time!

Events of the Past Week

Monday - We reviewed our linked gene problems, and then discussed the requirements for their Drosophila melanogaster reports.  There were lots of good questions. 

Tuesday - Their were no second generation flies to count, so the students learned about how to perform a chi-square analysis of their data.  When we were done learning, we spent some time applying our new knowledge to a problem set of chi-square problems.  For homework, the students were to work on their reports.

Wednesday - We did our first counting of the second generation of flies.  Some groups had a significant number of flies, and others not many.  When they were done counting, the students went back to working on their chi-square practice problems.  They will not have to complete any chi-square problems on their test this week, but they will have to use the chi-square test to analyze their data for their fruit flies in their lab report. 

Thursday - The students counted flies again, and had time to work on their reports when counting was completed.

Friday - The students again counted flies.  Then they did a few review problems and had time to work on their reports again.

Upcoming Events

Monday - We will count flies.  There are likely to be a large number of flies in each vial, so this will probably take the students a significant portion of the class period to complete.  There is a set of review problems for the students to complete when they are done counting.  Any problems that are not finished will be done for homework.

Tuesday - LATE START DAY - Due to the late start day scheduled for Tuesday, the first day of the genetics test that was initially scheduled for this day will be taken on Wednesday.  Instead, we will take time to go over the review problems that were done for homework and take any other questions the students may have about the test.  Time will be given to count flies, as well.  Homework will be to study for the test.

Wednesday - The students will take day 1 of the genetics test.  I will be available after school for anyone who may want to come in to count flies so that their vials do not get overloaded with flies!

Thursday - The students will take day 2 of the genetics test.  I will again be available after school for anyone who wants to come in to count flies.

Friday - The students will review the results of their genetics test, and then be given time to count flies.

Graba Geek of the Week

This week's geek of the week is Christina Miller.  Christina is leading her group through this fruit fly project, doing a great job with gathering data, and also with determining her flies' patterns of inheritance.  Keep up the good work, Christina!

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