September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

It's Bears-Packers weekend - GO BEARS!  This past week I did two new lab activities with the students.  As a result, some of the plans for the week had to be readjusted as I didn't know exactly how much time each activity would take.  Hopefully the students benefited from the new material this year more than the material in the past. 

Events of the Past Week

Monday - On Monday, I lectured to the students about important characteristics of carbohydrates.  Afterwards, they built paper models of carbohydrates.  The important idea from this activity,is that the students be able to identify a monosaccharide from a disaccharide from a polysaccharide (the three different types of carbohydrates).  They will also need to be able to distinguish those three types of molecules from the molecules we learned about on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Homework was to complete the questions in their biochemistry worksheet packet that dealt with lipids.

Tuesday - The students took notes on the important characteristics of lipids.  Following that, they built models of lipids.  The students need to be able to distinguish lipids from the three types of carbohydrates, as well as identify the building blocks of a lipid molecule (glycerol and fatty acids).  Homework was to complete the questions in their biochemistry worksheet packet on proteins.

Wednesday - This was the final day of introduction to a type of biomolecule.  Students learned about the important characteristics of proteins, as well as their building blocks, amino acids.  They will need to be able to identify an amino acid and a protein, as well.  Homework for first hour was to read about the importance of proteins, while my other classes tried identifying important functional groups and types of molecules on a worksheet.

Thursday - We began a two day lab using different indicators for carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.  We began by using Benedict's solution to indicate the presence of monosaccharides, and iodine solution to indicate the presence of polysaccharides.  Homework was to complete through question eight in their lab packet, as well as to read the introduction of the lab.

Friday - Class began by taking our fourth prefix quiz.  Following that, we finished our identification of biomolecules lab by using Biuret solution to test for the presence of proteins, and the grease spot test as well as solubility in water vs. solubility in hexane test for lipids.  I also posted the following statements on the board for the students so they would know what they needed to know from the lab experiment:

1)  Know which biomolecule Benedict's is used to indicate.
2)  Know which biomolecule Iodine is used to indicate.
3)  Know which molecule Biuret is used to indicate.
4)  Know what a positive and negative test looks like for Benedict's, Iodine, Biuret, and the Grease-Spot
5)  Identify the types of solvents lipids will and will not dissolve in.
6)  Be able to distinguish between a positive and a negative control.
7)  Be able to use the results of the four indicator tests to determine the contents of an unknown solution.

Upcoming Events:

Monday - This will be a day of review for our test that is scheduled for Wednesday.  We will begin Monday by reviewing the results of our lab from Thursday and Friday.  Following that, we will review on Monday by using many different graphic organizers that I have put together over the years to help the students organize all of the material they have on carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.  Homework will be to study for the test on Wednesday.  Today's them for homecoming dress up day is pajama day.

Tuesday - We will play a review game using remote control clickers with the students.  Homework will be to study for the test on Wednesday.  Today's dress up theme is "Under the Sea".

Wednesday - We will take our test on chemistry and biochemistry.  This will cover all of the material from the periodic table webquest through our lab on carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.  The them for dress up day is "Happy Birthday" to celebrate Fremd's 50th birthday.  No birthday suits, please!

Thursday - We will review our results from the biochemistry test and begin our unit on the metric system, graphing, and scientific notation with a worksheet on scientific notation.  Homework will be to finish the worksheet.  Today is class color day.  Freshman wear blue, sophomores wear red, juniors wear green, and seniors wear gold.

Friday - We will review the scientific notation worksheet and then conduct a lab reviewing the metric system.  The focus of the lab will be units of length, mass, and volume.  Homework will be to complete the questions in the lab.  Friday is green and gold day.  The pep assembly follows 8th period, so the class periods will all be shortened by about 8 minutes.

Graba Geek of the Week

The geek of the week this week goes to Jennie Yang.  Jennie has done very well on all of our quizzes and tests, and is always willing to volunteer answers to any questions that I pose.  If more of my students were willing to take the risks she does in volunteering, more students would be very successful.  Way to go, Jennie!

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